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Insurance - Life, Health, Motor, Pension

Insurance industry is today highly complex because of the statistical computation involved of subjective and objective factors before calculation of Premium, Surrender, Revival, or Net Yield. Worldwide many countries have regulatory compliance requirements modeled on complex calculations. At ConsultIT we understand Insurance thoroughly having executed multiple projects in multiple geographies. While our Benefit Illustration rule engine powers thousands of policy proposals daily with leading Insurers, our claims processing software helps generate thousands of Health claim settlements built on tailor-made custom policies, constraints, and considerations. We also power some leading Insurance training portals in India, provider portals for network partners be it health care providers or insurance companies or intermediaries. We also have good project experience in Pension Administration systems or core policy underwriting solutions which we have developed both on product and project models for different customers.

If this was not all , we can help roll out custom solutions for your organisation , help integrate it in your enterprise landscape be in SAP or Oracle or Cloud thereby providing a seamless experience. With our deep domain knowledge we interact with your actuaries and core technology teams alike talking in a language they best understand.

Our flagship products in this context, which can take in the most complex of formulas and logic without writing a single line of code, powered by a spreadsheet kind of template, and relevant mainly to India are as below: .

    • Benefit Illustration Generator
    • Rule Engine Return of Yield Calculation
    • NAV Reconciliation
    • AI and Vision Analysis for converting document images to meaningful text.
    • Software Claim Processing Software